First test-drive

The installation of such a robot mower is a lengthy process. That's the same with every brand. You have to install a delimiter around the complete lawn in order for the robot to know where to stop. I still didn't get around to that, but I already wanted to unpack.

I put on the robot and it turns out the battery is pre-charged. I'm very surprised to notice that the robot will actually start to drive around when I press "start" on the remote control. I put it outside on the lawn and it will even actually cut some grass. But there is no delimiter, so if I don't stop it manually in time, it will simply run into the flower bed or worse, into the pool. I'll have to test this further, but it look like this robot is very much willing to drive without the fence being active. I do wonder what will happen if the electricity on the border wire goes done. For example because of a power outage or (more likely) because the robot cuts the wire while mowing the grass. If, in such an event, it will simply keep in going, that could be disastrous. Robotic lawn mowers I've seen until know have always known when they where inside or outside the fence. If that's the case, there is no way for them to drive around anywhere they are not supposed to be.

More tests to be carried out once the border wire actually is installed!

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