Delivery one day too soon! Can't beat that one for happiness. Sorry, no time today to install.

I did already go through the manual. This turns out to be rather basic compared to what other lawn motor manufacturers include with their machine. I did notice a couple of unexpected "features". First of all, the machine comes with a remote control. Just for a second I assumed I would forced to steer the thing around my lawn all the time as if it was a remote controlled car, but luckily that's not what this is for. While you can use the remote control to give actual steering instructions to the robot, its meanly meant to tell the robot to actually start mowing the lawn. Once you have told it to start, it should go around the lawn by itself and return to its charging station without any need for help. But contrary to most other such robots it can't be told to work for example every afternoon for a couple of hours. So if you're going on holiday you have to ask your neighbour to press "start" every once in a while.

Second surprise in the manual is that the robot is not meant to be used in heavy rain. Sure, with other such machines the advise is also giving not to use it in the rain and some come with a rain detector so that they stop automatically in case it starts raining. But with them that's because the grass could be damaged by the wheels of the robot when it's wet. With the Paranello, it turns out that the robot itself isn't very much water-proof. So either you are meant to take it inside every time you're not using it and it might rain (and actually you're also meant to disassemble the charging station at such a time) or the whole thing should be put under some sort of shed. I'm going to opt for the last option.

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