order has been placed!

Delivery is promised to be around May 23'th. So that should leave me only one or two times of having to mow the grass myself.

Our lawn has a rather steep rise which might have been a problem according to the specification of some other lawn mower robots, but certainly isn't as steep as the 27° (that's 50%!). So I first of all hope that it's going to keep up to that promise.

Pricing of most other such robots start around € 1500 (so three times what I paid for this one). And most of those only will do lawns up to less than 1000m2, while this one boasts being able to be able to keep up with up to 3500m2 of grass. Not that I need that, because my lawn is much smaller.
Let's hope this isn't "too good to be true"!

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